Lets start your will

Preparing a Will is easy! We know life can be busy, so we've created this online platform that will help you and us to create the perfect will.

The first step is to decide who you would like to leave your assets to: Your spouse or your children?

I would like to prepare a will that

Part 1: Your contact details

To begin, lets find a little bit about you.

What happens if I don't have a will?

WIthout a will, all of your assets, money, and property will be distributed according to the law, and your family may miss out on sentimental items or other property.

Part 2: Your Family

Your family is vital, and they can play an important part in your Will.

You have selected to leave everything to your spouse. When we draft your will your spouse will be set to receive all eligible assets and property.

Other information here

Other information here

By selecting to leave your assets to your children, each child listed here will receive equal shares of all property. There is some important information further on that explains how this works. For now, just provide us with details of your children.

If you want to provide details of a guardian, then we will also include a Nomination of Guardians document that outlines your choice for the guardian of your children

We ask for your relationship to your guardian as it helps with identification of the guardian. It is important not to make any mistakes.

Part 3: Executor details

Your executor will act and distribute the assets in your will. It is common for your executor to be a family member or long time family friend.

Per Stirpes

Per stirpes is a legal term that describes how an estate is distributed between the family and any decendents. Your will has a per stirpes clause in it. if any of your family passes before you do, then any of their heirs will receive in equal shares the share your family member would have received

For example, if you have 2 children, then each will receive 50% of your assets and property. If one of those children happen to pass away, then any decendents of that children will receive equal share of 50% (so if you had 2 grand children, they might receive 25% each)

Part 6: Your Assets

Lets sort out your stuff

Lets work through your remaining assets. Usually you will leave everything to your family, however if you would like to leave something specific to a special person, you can detail that here

All done! thank you for the information, we will look at it and start drafting your will. When you are ready, you can view how to proceed with payment